Daily grind

Back to work and realizing just how lucky I am to have a job that serves people, even if it’s from afar. So excited for Yoga Teacher Training, but so grateful for everything in my life!


How do you start a blog? Good blogs have themes…big ideas or simple ones that hit you with their depth or tickle you. I’m not so clever. I want to blog because I love life and learn a lot through writing. I’m tired of posting my updates on Facebook and feeling like I’m filling everyone’sContinue reading “Hello”

My Visit to Guatemala

My Visit to Guatemala April 2010 CARE has worked in Guatemala since 1959 and has developed an extensive working relationship with agencies in the public and private sectors. In Guatemala, CARE operates projects in water and sanitation, agriculture, agro-forestry, primary health care, girl’s education and small economic activity development. I had the opportunity to visitContinue reading “My Visit to Guatemala”