5 Secrets to Sustain a Daily Meditation Practice

I learned to meditate as a child and my parents are lifelong meditators. I began to take my own practice more seriously when I was 20, but it wasn’t until nine years later that I was really meditating every day. It was an uphill battle, but I can say without hesitation that it has changedContinue reading “5 Secrets to Sustain a Daily Meditation Practice”

Mindfulness is just the first step: How to change mental patterns

For seven days I wrote Now in big bold letters on my hand to remind myself to be present. I suffer from the mental pattern of spending inordinate amounts of time in thoughts of the future. Not just the future thoughts that are helpful for planning your week, your strategy, or daily work. But, theContinue reading “Mindfulness is just the first step: How to change mental patterns”

7 Day Now Challenge

I live in the future. The future is full of uncertainty, fears, concerns, and endless possibilities. For some reason, my mind and even my heart lives there. I miss so much of life because I am not there, I’m in the future. This must stop. It sucks. If you too live in the future, let’sContinue reading “7 Day Now Challenge”

How Losing Weight Improved My Meditation

Willpower and discipline have never come easy for me. For some, it’s very natural to set your mind to something and do it. For me, not so much. It took me nine years to finally develop a daily meditation practice…9 YEARS!!!! After two babies, I was up 20lbs and trying to accept this new versionContinue reading “How Losing Weight Improved My Meditation”

From Tantrums to Treats: Meditation with a Toddler

In a recent conversation with other yogi parents a realization that had been slowly creeping into my awareness became solidified and its importance finally made sense. My spiritual practice effects my children and if I want them to associate spirituality with something positive, I better understand how they experience it.   This reality began withContinue reading “From Tantrums to Treats: Meditation with a Toddler”

Silent Retreat for Moms (and Newbies)

I just took my very first seclusion. What is seclusion, you might ask? Seclusion was strongly recommended by my guru, Paramhansa Yogananda, as a means for deepening your inner communion with the Divine. Seclusion means as it sounds – secluding. Going into silence, alone and spending time deepening your inner spiritual life through meditation, contemplationContinue reading “Silent Retreat for Moms (and Newbies)”

12 Lessons from 12 Years of Kriya Yoga

This July marks my 12th year as a Kriya Yogi – a practitioner of Kriya Yoga. As the daughter of two Kriya Yogis who have been practicing far longer than I (nearly 40 years each), I realize that I’m still a novice. But, I have found some tips to live by that I thought worthContinue reading “12 Lessons from 12 Years of Kriya Yoga”