How Yoga can Help an Empath

I am an empath. Sometimes I wish I weren’t, but most of the time it is one of my greatest gifts. Empathy is, “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.” – Unlike its sister term “sympathy”, feeling sorrow for another, empathy means to experience the feelings of another, from the inside.Continue reading “How Yoga can Help an Empath”

Life Marches On

For five years I have had the great joy of working with fellow devotees of Yogananda at Ananda Sangha Worldwide. Together we have built temples, opened up new frontiers of technology, and mulled over some of life’s big questions. But mostly, we have supported each other’s highest Selves and brought light into the world asContinue reading “Life Marches On”

A Spoonful of Sugar: How to Transform Work Into Play

Chit chatting this morning over the water cooler, a colleague said to me, “We spend the first ten years of our lives having fun. It’s all responsibilities from there.” I was taken aback. Really? Is that true? I walked away wondering why I could not relate to the comment. What is it that I’m doingContinue reading “A Spoonful of Sugar: How to Transform Work Into Play”

Say Yes to Stress

How Stress Creates Success There are times in life when stress crosses a tipping point. Last month I reached my maximum overload. Overnight, my part time hours for a full time job, two kids under five, husband, volunteer commitments, financial challenges, and sudden push into public speaking became too much for me. I felt the crushingContinue reading “Say Yes to Stress”

Meditation for Kids: The Antidote to “Screen Time”

Children today are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of media. The average American child consumes a little more than two hours of screen time every. single. day. My kids get limited screen time. I am practical in my idealism and am not a purist about this issue, but it certainly concerns me. I can seeContinue reading “Meditation for Kids: The Antidote to “Screen Time””