• Practicing Patience
    I now write on, my equine guided coaching & workshop program. Come visit if you have not yet! Here’s my latest inspiration:
  • Horses Whisper Back
    There is a call, quiet as a breeze, that can be heard when we listen. It is the same voice we yearn for in deep meditation, the one that speaks only truth and wisdom. Along our path, we first hear the call from teachers of varying degrees. In time, it settles into the steady rhythmContinue reading “Horses Whisper Back”
  • Learning Through Pain
    Sometimes we learn through joy. But, inevitably, there are times we must learn through pain. By their reflective nature, horses take our pain on their own bodies. Gurus are known to do the same, but for them the choice is conscious and deliberate in order to mitigate our karmic debts. For horses, the pain theyContinue reading “Learning Through Pain”
  • Journey to Now
    Trust yourself. When you feel to act, act. When you feel to listen, listen. When something doesn’t feel right, honor your knowing.
  • Following Joy
    A path is staring to open before me, one that I will follow with my whole heart, for I know that it will lead me into a more true and beautiful life.
  • The Dogma of Karma
    Last week I wrote about the tragic murders of Dominique Fells and Riah Milton, both trans black women who were viciously killed this month for their gender identities and race. I wrote about karma and privilege. I feel compelled to write more. Karma is the cosmic law that states all actions, even thoughts, that originateContinue reading “The Dogma of Karma”
  • Untamed Voyager
    I used to believe that it must be hell to believe in hell. How sad to fear for the eternal damnation of our loved ones. Now I know it can be equally hard to believe in enlightenment. It’s a high bar to measure against. Some among us contort to fit a mold in the shapeContinue reading “Untamed Voyager”
  • Let Us Treasure Hunt
    When life calls for change, who or what do you turn to for guidance? The ten question quiz? A psychic, a friend, a hero? Perhaps you are a card reader or a star gazer? We all seek answers outside. The impulse is so human, so vulnerable, so real. I find myself too floundering for certainty.Continue reading “Let Us Treasure Hunt”
  • Quarantine Apathy
    As the rain pours and the evening draws to a close, I am swallowed by a prevailing sense of apathy that has grown for weeks in quarantine.
  • Lost and Found
    I am a chameleon. I have been through so many personas in my short 39 years that it makes my head spin. In a pre-memoir exercise, I’ve been writing a stream of consciousness journal about my life to date. In the process, a stark pattern has become clear, I lose myself in friends and colleaguesContinue reading “Lost and Found”
  • Feel All the Feels
    For much of my life I have received advice like: “Let your anger go. It only hurts you.” “Forgive those who hurt you.” “Release jealousy.” I am not saying this advice is wrong exactly, but it can be dangerous for me when I’m trying to grow personally and spiritually. The danger is that advice likeContinue reading “Feel All the Feels”
  • A Golden Ticket of Time
    I have been furloughed from my job. I have been given the golden ticket of time to travel in the confines of my home and family, to the depths of my being in pandemic isolation.


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