• Lead From Where You Sit
    One of the most valuable bits of advice imparted to me by a former boss came with her thick southern drawl in response to my lamenting an issue with our organization’s culture, “Gita, you need to lead from where you sit.” Simple as her advice was, it has become a mantra in my life. IContinue reading “Blog”
  • Mindful Growth: How to Balance Intellect with Intuition for Campaign Success (Part I)
    This topic deserves a book in itself, but for now, I thought to share two key insights from the incredible power that I have found by combining intellect with intuition when leading campaigns
  • Learning to Do Me: How to Act on Your Ideals
    I think we all struggle on some level with the sense that no one really “gets” us. As I’ve been told frequently lately, “you’re not special.”
  • Can We Change?
    There are aspects of my personality that seem to change with time and experience, while others remain fixed. Still others seem to change and then change back in the blink of an eye. The latter experience, my regression into former attitudes and behaviors, is most confounding.
  • Memoir Inspirations
    For some months, I’ve been writing my memories in story form. Writing is my way of processing feelings, experiences, and inspirations. I resolved to write for me alone, but somehow, I feel to share this brief story that flowed out a few days ago. If you’re interested, which you are under no obligation to be,Continue reading “Blog”
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