• Memoir Inspirations
    For some months, I've been writing my memories in story form. Writing is my way of processing feelings, experiences, and inspirations. I resolved to write for me alone, but somehow, I feel to share this brief story that flowed out a few days ago. If you're interested, which you are under no obligation to be, … Read More
  • Am I Psychic?
    Meditation, especially a robust daily practice, will open a world of intuitive knowing beyond your wildest imaginations. In my early days of daily meditation, it became apparent that the practice was opening up an inner sense of "knowing" that went far beyond a mere "hunch" and landed squarely in a new dimension. I did not … Read More
  • Simple Truths
    Doubts seem to come along from time to time and when they do, I like to sit back and remember the simple truths.
  • How Yoga can Help an Empath
    I am an empath. Sometimes I wish I weren't, but most of the time it is one of my greatest gifts. Empathy is, "the ability to understand and share the feelings of another."- Unlike its sister term "sympathy", feeling sorrow for another, empathy means to experience the feelings of another, from the inside. As … Read More
  • Life Marches On
    For five years I have had the great joy of working with fellow devotees of Yogananda at Ananda Sangha Worldwide. Together we have built temples, opened up new frontiers of technology, and mulled over some of life's big questions. But mostly, we have supported each other's highest Selves and brought light into the world as … Read More